Mentoring Integration Project

Support the integration of migrant people living in the canton of Vaud
Started in February 2016, the Mentoring Integration Project of Caritas Vaud has the aim of integrating migrant people living in the canton by offering them the coaching of volunteers in their integration process.
Mentored people are paired up with a voluntary mentor to promote their social and professional integration but also, above all, to create a bond of trust with the host society and a rich intercultural exchange space for both people. The duo lives in the same region and meets each week between 1-3 hours and this is for a minimum of 3 months.
The objectives are defined according to the needs and possibilities of both people.
Some examples :

Mentored person:
• Practice French in conversation
• Create a file for apartments research and present it to real estate companies
• Understand the health insurances system in Switzerland
• Being integrated where you live, expand the network of people you know
• Transfer your knowledge
• Discover another culture
• Become familiar with current migration and intercultural challenges
• Learn about volunteering
Information: tel. 021 317 59 80 - email: